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Art Quilt Elements 2018

March 16 – April 28, 2018
Davenport and Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Galleries

AQE 2018 is the 13th exhibition of this internationally acclaimed show set in suburban Philadelphia.

Mi-Kyoung Lee, Program Director of Craft & Material Studies, University of the Arts
Marsha Moss, Public Art Curator and Consultant
Paul SmithIndependent Curator

"One of the distinctions of our show is our professional presentation of art quilts. The exhibition has been widely praised by reviewers and artists not only for exhibiting the quilts in a gallery setting but also for promoting the art quilt as an art form."

Liz Axford, WA
Gail J. Baar, IL
Teresa Barkley, NJ
Judi H. Bastion, NC
Astrid H. Bennett, IA
Margaret Black, PA
Elizabeth Brandt, MI
Karen A. Brown, MD
Marianne Burr, WA
Betty Busby, NM
Kay Campbell, MD
Erika Carter, WA
Sandra Palmer Ciolino, OH
Linda Colsh, MD
Lenore H. Crawfod, MI
Chiaki Dosho, Japan
Kate Garman, PA
Kay Healy, PA
Ana Lisa Hedstrom, CA
Rosemary Hoffenberg, MA
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, PA
Jill Kerttula, VA
Pat Kroth, WI
Susan Lenz, SC
Viviana Lombrozo, CA
Aryana B. Londir, AZ
Niraga C. Lorenz, OR
Ruth Marchese, NY
Valerie Maser-Flanagan, MA
Sherri Lipman McCauley, TX
Diane Melms, AK
Katy K. Nygard, MT
Dan Olfe, CA
Marti Plager, KY
Heather Pregger, TX
Kathleen Probst, ID
Denise L. Roberts, WV
Lauren Rosenblum, NY
Diane Savona, NJ
Karen Schulz, MD
Bonnie J. Smith, CA
Catherine W. Smith, CT
Karen S. Spencer, OR
Gerri Spilka, PA
Andrew Steinbrecher, OH
Elena Stokes, NJ
Marianne R. Williamson, FL
Hope Wilmarth, TX

The exhibition will open on Saturday, March 17, 2018, with a "Meet the Artists" and will run through April 28, 2018.


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