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WAC Faculty & Artist: Jan Wier

Breakfast Table of the French Quarter Femme Fatale
Oil on Hardboard
36″X 36″

Breakfast Table of the Capri Coquette
Oil on Hardboard
18″X 18″

Working for over 25 years with interior design clients to bring beauty and grace to their homes which includes placing art, Jan has learned to meld what the client desires in their home; visual impact while reflecting their personal tastes. Always hungry for color, beauty and harmony in her painting, Jan seeks to reflect the grace notes of welcome that people desire in their homes and lives – that well placed cherished vase, fresh flowers, or perhaps even a happy cupcake! Jan’s paintings are done in oil on canvas or board with a luscious use of creamy oil paint. Jan’s painting style is loose and impressionistic with nothing too perfect; life is more interesting that way. Jan’s goal is to have her artwork bring a heartbeat of joy, color, and light to life.

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.

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