wayne art center

Back to Nature 2021
Deena S. Ball

Last Light
Watercolor and Gouache
24″X 24″

Chester County View
9″X 10″

Peach Tree Light
8″X 8″

Golden Willows Pond
Watercolor on Textured Ground
7″X 14″

Quiet on the EL- Covid 19
Watercolor on Bristol
16″X 14″

Artist Statement:
Water and pigment flow over the paper surface and I am in awe. Watercolor is simple and yet complex. The pigment and water combinations are endless. No other media matches the nuances and effects of watercolor.
The smaller works in this exhibition are done Plein Air, the two larger paintings are derived from on location drawings. Recently, I have been experimenting with using various watercolor grounds and textured bases. This experimentation creates unanticipated effects and complex nuances that challenge my creativity.
A watercolor painting is a dance between controlled anticipated marks and random surprises. When the dance goes well, when pigment and water flow just right, the painting seems to come to life.

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.