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Back to Nature 2021
Robert Bohne

Rose Valley Winter
Oil on Canvas
30″X 24″
$3,000  (SOLD)

Oil on Canvas
8″X 10″

Oil on Canvas
11″X 14″
$1,200  (SOLD)

Angels Among Us
Oil on Canvas
16″X 12″

Quarry in Brookhaven
16″X 12″

Sunset, Island Beach
Oil on Canvas
11″X 14″

Artist Statement:
Robert Bohne – Although I paint a wide variety of subject matter, my primary focus is the regional landscape of the north east tri state area of Pa., N.J., and Delaware. Most of my landscape paintings start out in Plein Air and are finished in the studio. Working directly from nature, I begin by looking for the large abstract shapes that will be the foundation of the painting. Once I establish the basic composition of the painting, I prefer to remove myself from the actual location, so that I can work the painting up in the studio, improvising and using my imagination, rather than being influenced by what is directly in front of me.

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