wayne art center

Back to Nature 2021
Michael Doyle

The Meadow
Oil on Paper Mounted on Board
10.25″X 7.25″

Woodland Storm
Oil on Masonite
11.25″X 7″
$1,600  (SOLD)

Spring Beginnings
Oil on Masonite
11.5″X 6.25″

Winter Storage
Oil on Paper Mounted on Board
7.5″X 10.25″
$1,600  (SOLD)

Field of Corn and Squash
Oil on Board
10.75″X 8.5″

Woodland Light
Oil on Masonite
11″X 8.5″

A Conversation with the Old Sycamore
Oil on Panel
35.5″X 30.25″
$6,000  (SOLD)

Oil on Canvas
10″X 30″

Artist Statement:
I recently visited the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia, to see the Soutine/de Kooning show entitled “Conversation In Paint. The show was very moving in so many ways. The way each artist approached his method of painting: through the Paint handling, the physicality of the paint, and the emotion of design and subject. The size, physicality of Paint in de Kooning and the raw emotion of Soutine, all of which made for a very powerful show.
Afterwards, I decide to walk through the permanent collection of Dr. Barnes, seeing Cezanne, Picasso, Daurmier, Braque, and Monet, and many more. Unlike the show of Conversation In Paint, with all its physicality, these paintings were small, very human in size and or scale, with beautiful handmade frames. These carried the same power and emotion of something, without it epic size. It was in this collection I thought, “this, this is how I’m going to approach the landscape invitational at the Wayne Art Center. I would try to get those same human qualities into my landscapes, while trying to duplicate the same antique frames or small designs I saw on those pieces in the Barnes Collection.
This would be my focus for this show.

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