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Back to Nature 2021
Charles Newman

Newton Lake Trail
Oil on Panel
8″X 10″

In Bloom
Oil on Linen Panel
14″X 18″

Mill Creek
Oil on Linen Panel
12″X 16″

A New View From the Roof
Oil on Linen Panel
24″X 24″
$1,800  (SOLD)

A Meeting Place
Oil on Linen Panel
24″X 12″

Wigwam Run
Oil on Linen Panel
14″X 18″

Artist Statement:
As a plein air artist, I seek to capture an experience and sensation while painting so that my work is felt by the viewer. Whether it’s a natural landscape or urban, I take the same approach – to understand the effects of light, the moods and emotions it evokes within the surroundings, and how it creates the dominant point of focus to tell the story.
With this body of work, I felt satisfaction in finding inspiration and a variety of nature’s elements close to home. As nature is constantly changing, one of my objectives was to capture those temporary moments while maintaining that touch of actuality in my paintings. Overall, these constant changes enhance my drive and inspiration because if I put it off, it may not be the same tomorrow.

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.