wayne art center

Back to Nature 2021
Alexander Shanks

After The Storm
Oil on Canvas
32″X 22″

Sunset Over the Creek
Oil on Panel
12″X 16″

River Sketch
Oil on Canvas
20″X 16″

Day At The Races
Oil on Canvas
39″X 28″

Artist Statement:
I feel that the power of observation is one of the most important tools an artist can utilize. When I begin a painting, I try to identify the most striking elements of my subjects and compose them in a way that amplifies their representational expression. It is important to me to identify with a subject or theme on a deeply personal level before I take a brush to canvas. I’ve come to realize that the truth of observation is to think beyond the representation of an object. An artist is responsible for capturing both the fluidity of life, as well as life’s inevitable truths – challenges only achievable by becoming receptive to outside forces, such as eternal moods, as well as one’s own labyrinthine inner ether.
I don’t try to scrutinize the literal aspects of the object, but compose the objects and environment in a way that communicates my feelings of that day. Starting with a single color, I conduct my pieces in a way that makes sense to me. I let the most obvious colors inform the more subtle. The more obvious shapes inform the less obvious. My painting process is just one facet of my life-long pursuit of self-actualization.

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