wayne art center

Back to Nature 2021
Joseph Sweeney

First Light, Cape May
Acrylic on Canvas
13″X 36″

Life Boat CM
Acrylic on Canvas
18″X 22″

Cape May Nocturne
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
12″X 15″

First Aid Station O.C. #4 N.J.
Oil on Panel
17″X 17″

The Raven in the Fall
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
9″X 11″

Visiting Birds
Acrylic on Silk Panel
10″X 12″

The Great Stone Barn at Ardrossan
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
12″X 24″

Artist Statement:
Over the years I have used landscape painting as a metaphor for my own search for a sense of balance. Some of the themes I explore in my work have to do with man’s relationship with nature, the effects that man has on the environment, and expressing the character and essence of “place”. My interests range geographically from the farmlands of Pennsylvania to the coastal shores of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maine as well as to my ancestral homeland in Ireland.
The work is simple and direct which belies the hours spent looking, thinking and selecting a location. The foundation of most of my work is small “Plein air” paintings that will often find their way onto larger canvases. I am under no illusion that by painting the environment I can save the planet… but it is worth a try.

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