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Back to Nature 2021
Doug Tweddale

Quarry Spectacle
16″X 20″

Basking in the Sun
20″X 20″

Sunlit Falls
16″X 20″

Sunlit Edge
20″X 24″

Saluting the Sun
16″X 20″

Artist Statement:
Four of these paintings were done Plein Air in a very old colonial era quarry along the Delaware Canal near Point Pleasant, PA. This quarry became my “go to” spot during the Covid isolation. It offered solitude, great inspiration and limitless beauty. There are two waterfalls and many beautiful rock formations left from the work done there. Also, trees had grown into the rock cliffs and the quarry was full of singing birds and other life.
I went to this place day after day. It was as if the quarry allowed me to enjoy its energy. Each day I saw something new and surprising to paint. It was as if I was looking deeper and deeper into the heart of this place. It became a familiar welcoming place for me to be inspired. This exhibition includes an assortment of four paintings from the Quarry and one painting that I did during my travels in April. My fifth painting is of a sycamore in late afternoon light. Sycamores are one of my favorite trees to paint (tied with the wind shaped Cypress trees on the California coast). I am drawn to their white bark and the amazing angles that their branches make in reaching for more light. The gnarly ruggedness and angles of the branches create wonderful displays.
I hope you enjoy these paintings. I truly enjoyed making them for you.
-Doug Tweddale


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