wayne art center

Back to Nature 2021
Tara Will

Walk Through Deepdene
Soft Pastel
27″X 35″

Georgia Clay
Soft Pastel
29″X 23″

The Last Light of Summer
Soft Pastel
29″X 23″

Battery Park Palms
Soft Pastel
35″X 27″

Bucks Hills
Soft Pastel
18″X 25″

Oregon Light
Soft Pastel
41.5″X 42.5″

The Road Home
Soft Pastel
12″X 9″

Blue Alley
Soft Pastel
6.5″X 11″

Artist Statement:
I get great comfort in painting outside. Being engulfed in nature soothes the soul and excites the eye. These pieces reflect my response to my environment as I have traveled this year. When I paint, I try to transfer the energy I feel in a place or subject, and invite the viewer to feel what I felt when painting. I often look for what interests me or excites my eye when choosing what to paint. So many times it is the way light dances across a subject that moves me to want to reflect that to the audience. Color is also key, pushing little notes of color I see into bolder spaces that make them more important; more obvious to someone who perhaps may have missed it. Painting for me is learning to see. The pursuit of seeing has been the biggest pleasure of my life.

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.