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Interiority of Observation & Cultivation of Visual Imagination

March 28 – March 29, 2020 · 8:30am-4:30pm
$575 members/$605 non-members

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A fast paced two-day observational painting class exploring the relationship between what we see, out there, and how we respond to that with paint on the working surface. Long ago Degas said, 'I must impress upon myself that I know nothing at all, for that is the only way to make progress'. And with regard to our path of learning can we not wonder how that applies to the way we paint? Do we proceed with predetermined assumptions and expectations of 'finish', or do we let the vulnerability and possibilities of the perceptual moment inform how a painting might evolve from the inside out? This class is designed for painters with a honed skill set, but still searching for a more inventive, more personal and less dogmatic way of seeing. Emphasis will also be placed on drawing as the primary thought engine behind all visual thinking and, on trusting your instincts within the structure of paying attention.

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