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Alla Prima Workshop

April 25 – April 26, 2020 · 10am-4pm
$240 member, $265 non-member

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Have you ever wondered what creates that "spark" in a portrait? That something special that turns a regular study into a portrait that looks like it can breathe?
In this four-day course, you will learn not only the traditional method of establishing value, and exploring color, but also what to look for in your subject that will breath an extra bit of life into the portrait. In this workshop we will work in an alla prima style to promote an active engagement between you, and the canvas. Knowing a bit about your subject will assist you in giving your painting that spark of life we all want to achieve. So do some research and maybe even some sketching to familiarize yourself with your animal(s) of choice.
Alla prima (also known as “direct painting” or “wet on wet” oil painting) is an Italian term which means “at first”. Using this technique, we will complete entire paintings in one session or two without waiting for the paint layers to dry completely. Using this technique we will discover the energy and life that can be injected into your work.

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