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Color and Composition as Expressive Elements in Painting with Fred Danziger

September 25, 2021 · 10:00am - 2:00pm

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Through a combination of live demonstration, analysis of completed paintings done by the instructor, and critique of participant's works, (either completed or in progress) this workshop is intended to make the "hidden language" of paintings become more comprehensible. Symmetry, asymmetry, balance, shape, color harmonies or discord, focal points, tangency, movements paths, picture plane solidity or openness, rule of thirds versus golden ratios, and other compositional concerns will be presented not as ends in themselves, but as expressive elements which are used to enhance the "voice" of the painting.

Participants will be encouraged to bring their own pieces and work on them after the initial presentation, or bring 2-3 pieces for critique only. This quote from Kandinsky can be seen as the philosophic basis of this workshop: "The word composition moved me spiritually and I made it my aim in life to paint a composition. It affected me like a prayer and filled me with awe."

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