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Creating Studio Paintings from Start to Finish with Phil Starke

October 8 – October 9, 2022 · 10am-4pm
$325 members, $375 non-members

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In this workshop students will learn how to develop a painting from beginning to end. Paintings start with a photograph or drawing or even a memory then move through the steps of creating a painting:
1. Designing the composition- Learning how to simplify your subject, we aren’t cameras, so we need to “see” as artists.
2. Developing the value relationships- Understanding how to use values to show form and depth and the idea that values are the most important part of color.
3. Using colors that suggest light and drama- Students will learn to see color in terms of temperature that suggests light instead of copying the color in a photo.
4. The painting process- The stages or steps of a painting from block in to broken color.

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