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Drawing as the Beginning of Presence with Stuart Shils

March 11, 2023 · 9am-4:30pm
$270 members, $320 non-members

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nurturing your inner eye, for mid-range to advanced artists
A one-day, guided ‘drawing’ class addressing the interiority of observation, ushering you into paying closer attention to HOW you see within and respond to the saturation of the visual moment. Moving through a shaped sequence of provocative and investigative observational games, your eyes will open to what you haven’t yet noticed. Working actively from a series of prompts, you’ll build a vocabulary of notational shorthands in pencil and collage locating yourself graphically within the moment of observation in ways you probably haven’t imagined.
And all of this is oriented toward carrying back new perceptual and thought tools for your studio practice.
The day will include a few slide talks, interspersed with your very active engagement at the worktable.

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