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30 Years of Artistry at Chanticleer Reception

February 26, 2023 · 3pm-5pm
Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery

Participating Chanticleer Artists

Bryan Christ

Dan Benarcik

David Mattern

Dennis Matthews

Doug Croft

Doug Randolph

Chris Fehlhaber

Ed Hincken

Geoff Macafee

Joe Henderson

Katharine Barrie

Laurel Voran

Lisa Roper

Przemyslaw Walczak

Invited Radnor Township Artists

Valerie Craig

Deb Craley

Lindsay DuBarry

Nancy McGivney

Daria Nawrocki

Heather Block Reilly

Dori Spector


Wayne Art Center is pleased to present 30 Years of Artistry at Chanticleer, an exhibition celebrating the three decades that the gardens at Chanticleer have inspired and delighted visitors.  In an exhibit featuring nearly thirty decorative items from Chanticleer paired with paintings by invited Radnor Township artists, this exhibition showcases how Chanticleer and artistry go hand in hand.

Since Chanticleer’s public opening in 1993, the staff have been practicing the art of gardening, developing an ever-changing garden that features staff-made decorative pieces to enhance the garden experience. Objects made by Chanticleer staff during the thirty years the Radnor garden has been open to the public are on view in this exhibition. 

Chanticleer is a place of pleasure and creativity, as well as a place for deep thinking and study. To keep the garden fresh, Chanticleer staff are encouraged to develop talents in addition to their gardening vocation. Skills range from wood-working, metal-working, and stone-carving, to photography, painting, and videography. Imaginative benches, chairs, tables, bridge handrails, and plant list boxes are crafted to grace the garden, adding aesthetic and functional value to guests. The combined effect often inspires Chanticleer guests to create their own artwork.

A Gallery Talk with Chanticleer staff will take place in the gallery on Mach 8 from 5-7pm. This talk to free and open to the public.

Located on Church Road in Wayne, Chanticleer is open from March 29 through November 5, 2023, Wednesday-Sunday, 10AM-5PM, and until 8PM on Fridays from May-Labor Day. www.chanticleergarden.org.

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