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Workshop: Fresh Paintings from Photo Images with Georganna Lenssen

July 15 – July 16, 2019
$185 Members, $205 Non Members

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To produce a successful paintings, an artist has to know how to take advantage of photographic references while being aware of their limitations. While providing excellent information, photographs can also be misleading, distorting subjects and flattening the picture plane. In this workshop we will learn the pros and potential pitfalls of using source photographs. Rather than using the photograph directly, we will use it as a point of departure. Students will be encouraged to ask themselves and understand for themselves, what is their connection to a particular photograph, and what is its essence. Introducing fresh and less conventional methods of using images, we will develop our working knowledge and visual awareness of composition, shapes, colors and paint application. Students will be challenged to take chances, to be more bold, expressive and spontaneous. Through exploration we will develop our visual vocabulary and our perceptual awareness.

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