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Mary Elizabeth Nelson
Barbara Sohmer, Longstitch Book
Ellen Rose, Book of Kimono
Linda Rossi, Miniature Nature Book

Past Exhibitions

Exploring and Expanding on Your Concept of the Book

Works from a Four Week Workshop with Mary Elizabeth Nelson

February 15 – March 12, 2016
Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Lobby

Mary Elizabeth Nelson and the students in her Four Fridays workshop have been busy! The mixed media fruits of their labors will be on display in the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Lobby from February 15 through March 12. Come see what can be accomplished with paper and ingenuity!

Exhibiting Artists:
Mary Elizabeth Nelson
Valerie Castleman
Shelby Haverson
Stacie Olson
Gail Pratzon
Ellen Rose
Linda Lee Rossi
Susan Salveson
Barbara H. Sohmer

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