wayne art center

Mission & Vision

Enriching Our Community Through the Arts

In 1930, the founders of Wayne Art Center envisioned a center of beauty and creativity that would “encourage the appreciation of the arts.” That vision thrives today, and Wayne Art Center continues to enrich our community through the arts by offering a broad array of award-winning educational, exhibition and outreach programs for all ages and abilities, in all phases of the arts.

The driving purpose of Wayne Art Center is to provide the highest quality in arts education and programming to our community. Through instruction, contemporary exhibits, public concerts, lectures and other programs, the Center is an interdisciplinary venue for all artists to share, learn, exhibit and perform.

Message from the Director

Nancy Campbell, Executive Director of the Wayne Art Center

“Each session we look forward to bringing new and exciting programs to current students and new students alike. By diversifying our course offerings, we make sure that we are keeping our students interested and challenged in their discovery of the Arts. We are proud of our distinguished and talented faculty who are dedicated to nurturing and advancing students of all levels. Come in from the cold this winter and discover what Wayne Art Center has to offer!”

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