wayne art center

Artist: Elsa Wachs

Even The Birds Social Distance
Acrylic on paper (16″X 12″)

sadness envelops our vast globe
Covid19 pulses like a frightening strobe
even the birds social distance
no mingling what kind of existence

tho natural for our feathered friends
its not for us humans to comprehend
we’re blanketed choked by the Corona invasion
using smothering masks with muffled conversation
how many more months when will this end

yet wrens and robins fly and sing
telling us the joy the morrow will bring

The Metronome’s Tangled Beat of Covid19
Stabile/mixed-media (12.75″ X 8.25″ X 8.75″)

the tangled beat of the Covid 19
brought a pandemic quite obscene
Corona virus a new kind of plague
our attentions to health are certainly not vague

the metronome beats the numbers of cases
how many ventalators in our databases
the metronome beats the numbers of deaths
how many souls with very few breaths

the metronome’s tangled beat of Covid19
coats an upside down world with a viral screen
(poem abreviated)

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