wayne art center

Artist: Pete Prown

Wine Glasses
Oil on board (12″X 12″)

Capturing the mood of enjoying wine — not only the grape, but the
glass, which is also part of the experience.

Oil on canvas board (11″X 14″)

A sumptuous still life, reminding us of the common, every-day objects
that make life better.

Oil on canvas board (11″X 14″)

A crow at twilight, surveying its dominion.

Sea and Storm
Oil on canvas board (11″X 14″)

A dramatic study of clouds above a roiling sea.

Peach Orchard
Oil on canvas (16″X 20″)

Abundant sunshine lights up a peach orchard. You can feel the warmth
of the sun upon ripening fruit.

Horn of Plenty
Oil on canvas (16″X 20″)

A still life that “toys” with the concept of a cornucopia.

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.