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“There is never an end to what you can learn at WAC”
Parent, 2019 Summer Camp

“The Registrar at the front desk has been very helpful to me registering me for two Fall Adult classes. The service has been very efficient and pleasant.”
Michael Pelzig, Art Student

“My visits to WAC during the Summer Art Program left a firm impression. My history includes 30 years in business and 14 years teaching inner city high school mathematics. I can recognize efficiency, and I know the energy required for working with youth. WAC is full of energy, purpose, discovery, and enthusiasm. There are lots of supplies, plenty of space, and room for students to be creative. What a fun environment! The organization behind this maelstrom of activity is obvious. Everyone knows where they should be, where each student resides, and the schedule. The staff is calm! There is control without stifling the flow of exuberant youth. Your hard work and attention to detail pays off with the children. My congratulations!”
WAC affiliation: Friend of student family

“My children loved touring the art galleries and had so much fun they want to come back the end of the summer I can’t believe how much work they did had such a fun time. It was a great week This is like deja vue – my daughter came here when she was young and now my granddaughter is coming here.”
Parent, 2019 Summer Camp

“First, I must tell you how honored I was to be part of Wayne Plein Air. Your event is just top notch! Your team works so hard to ensure a wonderful show for all, for artists, collectors and the community. Wayne is so lucky to have such a wonderful art center. Doing 15+ national competitions a year, Wayne rates as one of the best of the best in my opinion. Probably the best hung show and facility I have ever shown in. And, to sell 11 of my 13 paintings on opening night! Whew!!! I was so so pleased.”
Beth Bathe, Plein Air Artist

“We wanted a venue that was different for our team building event. Wayne Art Center was an excellent choice ― elegant, yet fun and interesting. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful, and the caterer said it was the best kitchen she ever catered in. All my dealings with the Wayne Art Center staff were excellent ― good communication, follow-through and service. It couldn’t have gone better. Our group was stimulated in the art environment and it allowed us to achieve our goals and objectives.”
Susan N., Team Building Client

“What a great night we shared at Wayne Art Center! The kitchen space was beautiful and easy to work in. Our culinary class was a huge hit, allowing co-workers to work side by side to create a scrumptious meal to share at the culmination of our event. Many thanks to the talented and spirited chef and her team!”
Maria M., Event Planner

“Wayne Art Center is a great place to have birthday parties, business events and fundraisers. We held our company’s Christmas Party there, and the employees said it was the best party we had ever given! They loved the spacious galleries filled with art as an exciting backdrop and the welcoming ambiance. Later, we celebrated my husband’s retirement party with gallery doors wide open to the Center’s terrace and absolutely gorgeous gardens. The best location we could have chosen!”
Ann M., Local Resident

“The Wayne Art Center exhibitions, from Craft Forms to their smaller Nature in Craft and Living with Craft are something my mother and I make sure we see every year. The work is always high quality and inspiring to other artists. I find myself saying words like creative, whimsical, amazing, how they created that.”
Cathy L., Craft Forms

My wife and I had our wedding ceremony and reception at the Wayne Art Center on October 11, 2015. The ceremony took place outside and was absolutely beautiful. The reception took place in one of the galleries and was perfect. The guests loved the art work and that the gardens and galleries were opened to them during the entire event and took the opportunity to wonder around the entire center. Our coordinator, Kim was amazing to work with. We planned the wedding from Connecticut and Kim was able to work with our limited schedule to setup tours and coordinate with the other vendors. I would highly recommend having any event at the Wayne Art Center.
Leonid S., Wedding Groom

I have been taking painting classes at the Wayne art Center for over 10 years. During that period I have watched the Center not only grow in the range of programs it offers, but each year it has brought new and more challenging professional teachers and more inspiring exhibits by nationally recognized artists. In short the very significant growth in programs has been matched by a parallel increase in recognizable quality.
Jackie B., Painting Student

My experience at Wayne Art Center this summer was singularly the most exciting and instructional I have ever had. I enrolled in Karen Fogarty’s class and was taught the “how to’s” of painting: composition, use of space, size, color, paint mixing, values and more! In addition, Karen guided us through studies to cement our learning; she did this in a tireless manner with personal attention, enthusiasm and great humor!
How exciting I can now face a canvas with confidence instead of doubt. How wonderful is that!! Thank you Wayne Art Center and Karen Fogarty. I look forward to returning as soon as possible.
Marian M., Art Student

“Thank you for all you did to make the day a success. I’ve been hearing nothing but good comments from everyone. It was nice to get out of the office, but more importantly it was both fun and productive to actually *create* something together and work together to do it. I loved the art piece in the beginning too.”
Peggy B., Team Building

“It’s so nice to be together without the phones ringing. We are doing things we don’t normally do outside of our skill levels. I’ve never seen a zestier before and I did not know what endive was.”
The Wharton MBA Program, Team Building

Deciding on the Wayne Arts Center for our Social Gathering on a Sunday afternoon was a wonderful choice. Our 40 attendees were able to peruse ambitious art, tour an amazing kitchen, which inspired dreams for our own homes, savor delicious hors d’oeuvres and engage in hands-on preparation of the same under expert guidance, as well as browse the gift shop for unique finds. The events coordinators made sure everyone had a wonderful time by guiding our preparation for the event as well as attention to detail during the festivities, from background music, to space planning, to support with our bar’s set-up, and choice of food items, which were of the best quality. Their professional guidance and kind and warm support made the experience at the Wayne Arts Center most delightful. We would love to return for another event, and the space is definitely suitable for small as well as larger functions.
Cornelia V., Team Building

“I’ve hosted team building cooking events at the Wayne Art Center over the past four years. I love it! It’s a fun, relaxed way to get people communicating and working together to accomplish something important: dinner!”
Laura M., Vanguard Culinary Team Building Event

“This was an amazing workshop!  It was so well organized and presented in a way no other workshop has grabbed my interest.  Thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Joan F., Two Day Master Class with Stuart Shils

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